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"Section Leaders" February 9th 2003
Category: Clan Other: Section Leaders

Due to popular demand, I've now implemented what we're going to call "section leaders." Section leaders are effectively representative leaders for individual game sections in Clan Cypher. For the moment we have one new Section Leader, C_MeanBean_C, for the Warcraft 3 section. He will direct our WC3 section as though he were leader although I will retain, alongside him, administrative decisions concerning the members of that section. All questions can now be directed equivalently to MeanBean or to me. MeanBean has also been given superadmin privileges in the forum.

On a small note, we have lots of new members who haven't got a profile yet as they haven't sent me their profiling info. If you prefer, you can post the info up in the forum. Otherwise email me the stuff. Make sure you check other profiles to see what information is required of you. Pictures from several of you would be nice too...

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Members" January 26th 2003
Category: Clan Other: New members

We have a new member, as you all very should know (I remember reading something Bean said about another new member but can't really be bothered to check up on it at the moment...). He is Korean and his account name is C_KingOfNael_C. He's in our WarCraft 3 section and his profile is up - greet him if ever you happen to see him on Bnet.

Bean and I were talking yesterday and we thought of something that some of you might like. Bean will host a page where he will plug in WC3 reps whenever he gets the chance, and the link to his page will be right within the clan site so his page will in fact be incorporated within the site. This way you guys get good reps and I get my work cut down ^^. This is just a project for the moment but when we have a bit of time to talk Bean and I will arrange the whole structure of this in little time. Hopefully we'll see this happen soon.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Back Again" December 22nd 2002
Category: News Flash Other: none

Puha. Finished Mid-Term exams a few days ago and now partaking in one of the most beautiful activities in the world: vegitation. For those who don't know about vegitation, mail me for a free brochure...Onto more serious matters now -_-; In light of my most recent aquisition (...), a digital camera, I've placed, for your viewing pleasure only, a few additional pictures of my gracious self in my member profiles :D. While I'm on the subject, some of our clan members still don't have pictures of themselves on the site and I would really appreciate if they attempted to get one to me as soon as possible.

Concerning WC3 now. On a personal note, I've changed my main race to Undead and will continue with them for a while to see how things go. I'm bloody sick of NE. Bean is still rocking the charts, climbing up the solo ladder at his own pace, while ChaoS is catching his own pace too. Joon, I've been told, will soon "start to train...seriously." Whatever that means (fear the Koreans). Dream is still recovering from his long vacation (an accident, a broken WC3 CD, and a lot of rust in his skills because of absence (or so he says). Hoping to see him up n kickin ASAP. Aegis is, I'm told, slightly absent. From his profile I can see his last game was about a week and a half ago, so I'm hoping this is simply a temporary absence. Phaty, as I can judge from his profile, hasn't played since November for Panzer and Morithil: they're still dead. Bean told me there was a new member, but I didn't catch his account name...

Voila, the situation layed out in a few lines for the misinformed.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Quick Message" November 26th 2002
Category: General News Other: none

Haven't put a news item in a while, and the reason for that is that I've been piled with work recently due to university applications...Anyways, just wanted to let the general public know that we have a new WC3 member, C_Aegis_C, who plays mostly human. As usual, welcome him if you see him, and if he challenges you on 1on1, careful: he's really good! On another brief note: I'll try to get a new skin for our forum as soon as Phaty and I can figure out what's wrong with the skin packages I upload...

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Member + Forum!" November 10th 2002
Category: Clan/Site Other: New member & Forum

Wow. This is how this news item begins because I must say that I am in some sort of awe considering what our newest member and I went through in the past 2 hours. The new member, which I proudly present, is C_Phaty_C, and he's a web designer. And guess what new toy he brought along for us? He guided me through creating a neat, new, flashing, beautiful forum! No more 145324 pop-ups like bloody easyboard.shit. Now we got something that looks absolutely wicked! And with a bow to Phaty I say thank you on behalf of Clan Cypher as a whole. If one of you other members hasn't checked the forum out yet, go right now!! Create your username and start posting away!

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Hit Counter" October 15th 2002
Category: Site Other: Hit Counter

All I wanted to point out was that I changed the hit counter. Turned out that it was the cause of the hefty loading time of the site... Anyways, that problem should be solved for the time being. If you're still having loading problems, let me know through an email or in the forum.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"ChaoS" October 10th 2002
Category: New Member Other: None

We have a new member for both the WC3 and the SC sections (same member joined both sections). His account name is C_ChaoS_C and he's norwegian. As usually, greet him if you haven't yet. His profile is up so you can check out some of his "stats." Hopefully he'll send me a pic of him soon as well. He's pretty damn good at WC3 so be careful when you duel him!

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Update" October 3rd 2002
Category: Various Other: None

I know I haven't been able to update the site a lot and I've written very few news articles recently, but I have a perfectly valid reason!! And that is....the misery of work. I am in my senior high school year now (...) and this means important exams, essays, oral presentations, etc. and the huge burden of university applications. But enough about my life -_-...

I can say that I am impressed by two of our members. These two fine individuals are C_MeanBean_C and C_DreamKiller_C. Bean now has the honest right to brag with his level 15 account (as I write this he is ranked 248th in the individual northrend ladder). As for DreamKiller, he is the newest member and he is already at level 12. This is quite a feat in comparison to...the rest of the clan :).

Bean participated in a tournament recently, and it was fun and full of professionnals. I hope more people decide to compete in these sorts of things in the future and maybe one day one of us will actually be first in some sort of organized tourney...Oh, one more thing. I recently recruited a guy named "Phaty" but after sending me an email with some info he...vanished, so to speak ^^. I can't really find him anymore so, if you can, be on the lookout for that guy and tell him to write to me again unless he's met me already. Anyways, that's all for now.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"New Member" September 17th 2002
Category: Clan Info Other: New member

Hello once again! It's been a while...I know. But hey, work should sometimes be considered as the main priority -_-;;. As a first note I would like to say that a new member has joined our ranks: C_DreamKiller_C. He has joined our WC3 section and is in fact a terrific WC3 gamer. He has shown impressive records with various other accounts and we can only hope he'll do as much with his new Cypher facade! As I always say, if you meet him, give him a big welcoming hug! ^_^

Btw, I'm not going to put this in a poll or anything (since most of you don't even seem to care about the polls T_T) but does anyone want to "migrate" to another game. I know, for instance, that Morithil is rather bored of WC3 (already??)...anyways, if you're 'dissatisfied,' just lemme know and i'll act as your counselor...

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Just news" August 28th 2002
Category: none Other: New member

Yo. Not much to say except that everything seems to be going just fine. Inrush is back in business; Bean and I are playing WC3 like crazy...especially Bean; Joon is also playing a lot of WC3, alongside LordPanzer and a new member (another Norwegian ^^), Morithil. Morithil joined both our SC and our WC3 section. Welcome him if you get the chance.

There are a few additions to the site, including a ranking system for WC3, some corrections in the profiles and members' pages, and 6 WC3 screenshots have also been added in the image gallery. By the way, I'll figure out how you gain levels in your rankings later ^^. If you have ideas, lemme know.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Corrections" August 22nd 2002
Category: Site Other: WC3

A few corrections have been made with regard to links that didn't work and misplaced text. If you find any errors, don't hesitate to tell me!! Also, as you have probably noticed when entering the site, there is now a main page before going to the main bulk of the site. This allows each person to choose their favorite interface from the choices. I don't know how this interface thing will go on, and how many there might be, but for now we'll stick to that. I still have to complete the WC3 interface at a later date...

Also, please vote at the new poll question - its not a foolish question this time ^^.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Changes..." August 18th 2002
Category: Site, WC3 Other: New member

Hello again. I'm back from the mountain cottage!! I am glad to announce that our WC3 section now consists of four members, due to the recent addition of C_LordPanzer_C, aka Bean's roomie ^^. That said, when I talked to Panzer today he immediately complained about his orcish stomach being sickened by the very "SC style interface" of the other words he told me to make a WC3 styled interface. Well, I gave it a little thought and made a...beta version so to speak. Click on the WC3 icon at the top of the page to change to the other interface, and on the SC icon to change back. Later the interface choice will appear when you enter the site...but as I said - later. For now, appreciate and give me ALL the advice you can think of.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Vacation inactivity...?" August 6th 2002
Category: Everything! Other: Everything else!!

Well well!! First I will explain the title of this news article: its vacations time and so many people have good reasons to be away!! I speak for myself as much as for anyone else, as I have been going to Turkey, the US, and am going to a small mountain cottage, all places in which I cannot participate in the clan's online gaming T_T. After I come back from the mountains (August 17th-18th) I will be back and ready to roll. Bean is still patiently (...) waiting for his internet. As for Joon, he's been active I believe but was probably saddened by the rest of the clan's inactivity. And Angle and Inrush...well I'm not sure where they are...

On to Warcraft 3!! Joon, Bean and I have been playing a bit (correction: quite a bit) of the new Blizzard hit, and I believe we share the feeling that the game is pretty damn good! I've put in a member's section for WC3 which means we are officially ready to hunt for new recruits. Bean has a few friends he would like to see join our clan, and I know a friend who might be interested too. I set the limit to 10 members in the WC3 section for now, but if popular vote demands, that can always be changed...

So what about Starcraft? Well I wonder...I haven't had much time to play any game, so right now I've kind of let go of SC BW. Still, I think once in a while some of us will want to go have a little period in what was our favorite game for so many years.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Been a while..." July 20th 2002
Category: none Other: various...

Hmm, the clan channel is as desolate as ever...the reasons are many: joon is in thailand or something of the sort (...), Bean is having the classic problems with the internet companies and he's also gone to denmark (re: "..."), and, as Bean would say, I'm "travelling the world." Also, I think inrush is in the middle of the exams he spent countless months studying for, so he's also very busy. I hope when these issues are fixed everything will be back to normality...

I got Warcraft 3 two days ago and am enjoying the game very much. I must say that for the moment I still prefer Starcraft, but quoting Bean once again, that might be "denial." One aspect of the game that I don't like though is upkeep -.-;;. For now, there are three people that I am sure will join our ranks for the Warcraft 3 section. These are Bean, his roommate Kaospusen, and a Big Russian guy I know at school (and I stress the word "big") ^^.

I'm going to the States in a few hours...and over there I'll only have access to a 56k modem connection, so I might not update the site too much. There are...other problems that will keep me away from clan business for, let's say, a month or so. After that it's full march ahead once more.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Anybody here?" July 10th 2002
Category: none Other: Site layout, activity

Is anyone here? Last time I saw a clan member online was weeks ago. I thought that when I would get back I would at least see a bit of some of you, but no -.-;;. You all have great excuses, but still.......

Concerning the site, I've made some major changes in the layout (some are visible while others less) and I hope you enjoy the navigability. I'm also still thinking about those graphics at the top (...) but can't really figure out what I could put up there that would be more...satisfactory.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Great things..." July 6th 2002
Category: Site/WC3 Other: Graphics, forum, SC

First of all, I happily confirm that I now have the long-awaited SC CD and can now play on bnet again. I hope to see some of you online soon. Still on the gaming note:

WARCRAFT 3 is in just about every store since the release on July 3rd! I still don't have a copy because I'm in France and I want to get the English version -.-;; but I will get it ASAP. I should also remind you that soon Cypher will open a Warcraft 3 members section!

Concerning the site: I don't know if any of you have noticed, but the site is a bit cleaner since I've made all the links, titles, and some other graphics more precisely colored. You might notice that there isn't the blur there used to be on some of the images. Also, a rather good news: the loading time for the site is slightly reduced because I've changed many images from jpeg to the now prefered gif format taking into account that the latter only takes 256 colors (this is sufficient for the links, for instance, as they are only about 6-10 color ^^;). While you might not notice a huge difference, I do believe 56k users will see the loading time reduce by about 3-6 seconds (that is, until more things get added and loading time increases again, haha). Oh, one more thing: a couple of things have changed in the forum, including layout and sections, so go check it out if you haven't...and while I'm at it: if you don't participate in the forum you should be ashamed!~!~ ^^;;).

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Soon: Be right there..." June 29th 2002
Category: none Other: Starcraft

Arf. It's been a bit over a week that I haven't played Starcraft due to...CD problems, and I can tell you: it's difficult to bear!! Supposedly, however, I will be able to play...tonight!! You never know though, so I might have to wait till monday :( . But anyways, I want to reassure you (...) : I'll be back soon!!

Btw, Joon found a program that "kills" popups, so I put the link to that prog (freeware, just unzip the file and instal) in the miscellaneous downloads in the dl section. Check the prog out: it works fine but some of its aspects are...irritating - see for yourself, as you might disagree with me.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Soon: Endless Starcraft!!" June 23rd 2002
Category: none Other: Starcraft

Just as an initial note: Well now I'm officially in vacations in France for those who care. I have a little issue with my Starcraft CD (I don't have it with me -.-;;) so I'll just buy one ASAP - something like tomorow or the day after that, and then it will be time for endless Starcraft madness with Bean, Joon, and all other willing members!!

On June 3rd I think most of us will be waiting in line to buy Warcraft 3, and some days might pass where all is silent apart from various peons (Yesh M'looowd...) and orcs threatening each other time and again as we get used to a new blizzard hit (hopefully a hit, in spite of Joon's pessimism). But when those days arrive, we must not forget that the fellow SCVs, probes, and drones of Starcraft await our numerous probable returns to the world of SC BW.

Oh, by the way, for the those who noticed, I changed that little icon at the top left, as I wasn't convinced it was any good. However, the new one is also crap in my professional opinion (...), but I just shifted from one piece of crap to another I guess, so bear with me until I either fall on a graphic artist who works for free or tune my digital design skills...

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"The impossible" June 19th 2002
Category: none Other: soccer

Just as an initial note: I finished my exams and can officially call myself a senior as of now! Well, haven't gotten the report card but I'm pretty sure all is well.

Dude, Japan lost to Turkey but Korea beat Italy!~!~ That's enough to keep philosophers up for a few years...

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Senegal -.-;;." June 16th 2002
Category: none Other: soccer, layout

First of all: omfg - Senegal is through to the quarter finals!! That's pretty amazing, and considering that they will face either Japan or Turkey in that game, they might even get through to the semies... two words: wow.

As for the site, I made another few layout changes for easier or better viewing. That's all for now.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

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