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"More additions." June 13th 2002
Category: Site Other: Replays

Ok, just for the record, I'm done with my first exam and it went really well - 4 more to go that means -.-;;. As for the site, I've added a few pro replays of SlayerS_`Boxer` under his gonia119_kr account and two clan fight replays of Bean and I teaching a relatively new clan what team play is all about (O_O)v. Other than that, make sure you tell me if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Quick Message." June 11th 2002
Category: Site Other: Layout

Just a quick message: a few things have changed in the news section layout, hope you like it. There was a problem with people using bigger size fonts which led to this change. Today I also added another "conversation" and a screenshot. Check it out. And...wish me luck on my exam tomorow ^^;

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Just news." June 10th 2002
Category: Site Other: Layout

Just wanted to let the people who didn't notice that a few changes have been made to the site and that now the ugly titles that once resided in our premises are now doomed to reside in the darker side of our memories (that means they're gone for those who got lost on "premises"). Let me know if you don't like the new design for section titles by the way...

Damn, I should first exam is in two days!! T_T;;

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Uphill." June 9th 2002
Category: Site Other: Conversations

Things have been going uphill I find. Everything apart from my gameplay that is (... ^_^). My problem is completely fixed as some of you may have read in the forum, and I am back in the SC BW world even though my exams are coming up -.-;;.

On suggestion of C_Bean_C, a new section has been added to the archives portion of the site, and that is a "Conversations" section. I may rename this later, but the point of this is clear for now: record conversations or possibly interviews of some sort and post 'em in there, so go check it out in the archives section.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Problems." June 3rd 2002
Category: none Other: Personal issues

Well the topic of this news item is technical problems T_T;;. Recently Joon had to lay off of SC BW for four days (!!!) due to problems working his CD (Bean said that poor Joon felt rusty after this unwanted vacation from the game). And now, I am having my own little problems (which I discussed more technically in the forum). My CD-ROM Drive seems to not be reading anything I give it, so I am depressed (yes, completely - I can't stand when my computer is faulty). Well I think it turned out ok for Joon, so I'm hoping I'll manage to get through my own problems....wish me luck and if you have any suggestions please let me know.

On another small note, I know I haven't been playing too much SC BW lately, but considering my exams coming up, the fever I just had, and my broken computer, I'm hoping I'll be excused.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Just some news." May 21st 2002
Category: none Other: none

Well I've had a relatively hard week (work wise) and the 4 next weeks won't get much better, so you might see a decline in my activity but know that this is temporary. I am also...playing a bit of bg2 (really nice game if you like RPGs). The only addition I did recently was a new link that goes to a very amusing animations site called StickDeath, compliments of Rob Lewis. As he says: don't be insulted, they're just animations.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Maps and DLs." May 12th 2002
Category: Site Other: New Maps/DLs

There are a few new things to be checked out. One is the maps section under the downloads for SC: two official C_C Maps are ready for use. In addition to those downloads, check out the Miscellaneous DLs section for Starcraft to find some useful and some random things.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Additions." May 8th 2002
Category: Site/events Other: Name change, DLs

Additions have been made to the site today. I put the first replays online (most are not absolutely invaluable for the moment, but they're worth checking out). The sections that have replays are the "Clan Fights" and the "Fun" sections. These can be found under Downloads/Starcraft/Replays and the category.

Eruption changed his name to C_inrush_C (a change that I very much agree with). Inrush means eruption, by the way; however its more fancy Inrush has sent me many programs and cool things that have to do with starcraft that I hope to either share or post on the site. As a personal note: thank you inrush!

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Current Events." May 4th 2002
Category: Recent clan info Other: WGTour, New member

Hello there. We recruited a new member today. He is Bulgarian and his account name is C_inrush_C. He...let's just say he posed a challenge for Joon (...he beat the testing bot, so to speak). If you see him, make sure you welcome him. More information about him will be up in the members section ASAP.

WGTour: I registered our team in the WGTour. For the moment C_aNgLe_C is playing in the WGTour but with another team since he started before I registered C_C. Anyways, Joon tried it out and figures its not worth the trouble ( T_T ). He won a game and the other guy didn't report the match!~!~ Well that sucks:- I'm not sure how they get everybody to report... Anyways we'll see how that goes, but for now Joon seems to have grown a distaste for the WGTour.

Posted by C_Azrael_C

"Welcome to C_C." May 1st 2002
Category: General/Site Other: none

Well the site is finally up and viewable in a way. Of course there are still many incomplete sections and almost all parts of the site may be subject to change. Soon though, all parts of the site should contain something ^^. However things are advancing smoothly in the clan and hopefully all members of Clan Cypher will enjoy their stay in this online gaming clan. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, or just want to tell me something, please email me at

Posted by C_Azrael_C