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The following are the rules for participating in the WGTour:
  • A disconnect means defeat unless the adversary (opponent) agrees to have a rematch.

  • Games must be played on official WGTour maps downloadable here.

  • In case of complaint, you must fill in a small form available here.

  • You cannot play more than 3 times with the same person in one day.

  • You can only have one WGTour account at a time.

  • When reporting a game, you must upload the replay of that game.

  • The loser is the one who reports the match.

  • You must be in the same team as your allies when playing in 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 games.

  • You must connect to the EUROPE server on and go to channel Brood War WGTour-1, Brood War WGTour-2, or Starcraft WGTour-1.

  • HAVE GOOD MANNERS: this means you must respect your opponent, not insult him/her, always report games, and not try to abuse of minor failures in the system. Bad manners will result in reset without warning.