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Rules and Regulations


While in [C]lan [C]ypher, you can be member of no other online gaming clan.


You must be active in the game section that you are a member of. For instance, if you are a member of the Starcraft section, you must come on at least a few times every week, and if this cannot be done at times you MUST send me an email explaining why this is so


Respect other members in the clan: don't excessively insult them when they make mistakes. Swearing is allowed, but don't abuse of this as it can be hurtful.


Don't be afraid to play a game. It is better to take a challenge and lose than walk back in fear and bear the shame of cowardice.


You must participate in the forum as often as possible. Failure to do so will bring about warnings and if repeated failure to attempt to communicate is apparent expulsion might be the consequence.


You must use your [C]ypher account online. This helps promote the clan. Of course you can use other accounts, but you are not recorded as active when using other accounts.