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Account Details

Clan Cypher accounts must be used by members in order for these to show their activity and their "loyalty," so to speak, to the clan.

All Cypher accounts have the same format in order for the clan to have an image that shows unity. It also helps to clearly identify a Cypher member. Accounts look like the following:


where "ID" is the individual identifier, chosen by the member. The choice of the ID depends solely on the member, although it is recommended that, in general, there be no offense or excessive rudeness in this choice. Names that evoke religious/satanic ideas are acceptable. However, for instance, names that have racist/sexist connotations are NOT acceptable. ID's must be reviewed with clan leader C_Azrae_C (David Salamon) before choice is confirmed, although I assure you that I am both lenient and relaxed about this choice.